Wood Restoration

Wood Restoration

Wood Restoration and Repair Products.

To repair rotted structural wood:
Step 1:Clean surfaces with a good wood cleaner. A pressure washer and deck cleaner will work great for exterior wood. Allow wood to dry. Remove any loose, crumbly rotted wood with a chisel or old screwdriver.

Step 2:Apply PC-Rot Terminator to wood surfaces. PC-Rot Terminator is a penetrating epoxy resin which will soak into the wood fibers and harden them. Allow PC-Rot Terminator epoxy resin to cure according to product instructions. PC-Rot Terminator will lock in the PC-Wood Guardian used in Step 1 into the interior wood fibers.

Step 3:Use PC-Woody Epoxy Paste to replace any missing wood. After curing of the PC-Woody Epoxy Paste, wood can be sanded and finished.

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